Form the Chamber of Secrets called Love

Secrets that I treasured about you – treasured and felt and remembered with every beat of this silly heart. The heart which first told you not to be involved with this good-for-nothing guy, the heart which then started beating with yours, and then left alone to live with your memories only…
This is one tag that made me bleed ! One tag that made me reveal secrets I thought I will never share with anyone… these are as precious as they can be…
  1. The stealing look from the corner of your eyes
  2. The white of your eye
  3. Your brown tinged mane, that flowed till your waste
  4. Your cutting those long tresses over our fight
  5. Your growing them back, for me
  6. Those loose hair strands left around the room after you left
  7. Your cribbing for me to give you those head massage, your hair was my responsibility
  8. Your giving me massage by walking over me
  9. Your beauty spot just over your lip
  10. Your childish laughter
  11. Your extra long fingers
  12. Our first movie together – Roja
  13. Our first walk together on June 16th
  14. Our night long chats across the windows, without uttering a single word
  15. Our code signs, helping us chat without spoken words
  16. Your scented scarf, accompanying me in all my tours
  17. Your Letters – every time beating the previous one in length
  18. Weekend escapades on Raj (our Bike!)
  19. Wading through knee deep water of Kolkata roads – together
  20. Evenings at the graveyards
  21. Your atrocious bargains
  22. The way you used to brag about me to your friends and cousins
  23. Our honeymoon that was delayed by six months that lasted for 3 years
  24. Your daily evening reports about the day
  25. Listening to Rabindra Sangeet during dark rainy nights
  26. Your anger for my clothes lying in wrong places
  27. Throwing the wet towel on me, which I left after bath
  28. Our first Holi together – after marriage – also the last one!
  29. Your hungry waits, for me to come and cook for you
  30. The way you used to come running and jump to announce your success with your new dish
  31. Your drinking beer with sugar
  32. My shirt’s sleeve elbows, crushed by your frantic tugs while crossing the roads
  33. Fights for remote, during my WWE shows
  34. Your watching the same movie umpteen times, coz u never manage to watch them full
  35. The swollen lips in the morning after
  36. All those knickknacks you bought for our home
  37. Your elation over your first diamond ring (even while it was one of the cheapest available)
  38. The husky voice asking “Indra, are you OK?” (Indra, tui bhalo achhis?) whenever we were not together
  39. Your last kiss in the lift, when we met last, six months after you left
  40. Our files of letters – our memories

33 responses to “Form the Chamber of Secrets called Love

  1. snif… sniff…
    dude… this was too touching…
    if i saved pixie\’s heart.. i guess you have indeed made her day!

  2. Costa Coffee…italian about coffee (that\’s their tagline). Quite like it.
    n yes we still manage to get fresh bean coffee…actuallty addicted to it now 😦

  3. oh horus…
    i love you for this and i hate myself for making you bleed….
     i am so sorry…. my biggest bear hug has been reserved for you… and even i know that is not enough….
    your the best… and i hope and pray you will find true love yet again and this time it will be forever…. beyond time…

  4. horus
    I have nothing to say…………
    I am bleeding with you too… touched a very raw nerve….never knew it will hurt so much….after all this time……
    may you find your true love to last forever…
    take care.

  5. horus
    am speechless!
    live with the memories, they\’re yours forever.

  6. who doesnt wish to be loved so much???

  7. hey Horus I am stunned & speechless..why why why …when love is so strong yet we lose it..Just why? why only memories..they only hurt and never sustain
    My hugs to you Horus..
    cheer up
    wish she could read it all..

  8. why? why ? why?
    This is not right…….if love is strong……….then attempts must be made to make everything perfect …there has to be a way……..
    I dont know anything but i feel like going ahead and making things fine for u…..if only i could ! please man, go ahead and make things work out….there has to be a way …there always is.
    all the best…..bhalo theko…find ur happiness and be happy always.

  9. Update korechhi…..

  10. you have a made a firm forver friend….this will not be forgotten
    love you loads.. and hugs forever…
    you will find happiness in the form of a tru goddes once more…i will pray for tht.

  11. yeah exams for pretty ok!
    practicals were decent 33 on 50
    my aggregate wont be that decent tho :/
    err everyones hugging u!
    *ok hugs from me too*

  12. be Ok Indra
    I hope you find love anew..
    take care Indra

  13. Hi,
    That was beautifully written.. Ive never been in love.. but have felt its touch..
    Kemon aachho ? Onek din kono khobor nei..
    Tomar laptop kemon aachhey ?

  14. Pixie is really cruel women…made all of ride back on the memory lane. Take care mate…it was like reading someones diary. =:-)
    Kind of your life flashed before me leaving me to fill in the blanks 😉

  15. no yaar!
    wouldn\’t i have posted a nice big happy excited post had they been over?
    im gonna crib till the 3rd of march pleaaajjj bear wid me!
    🙂 lol

  16. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Indra, by the time, you read this, you must have already received loads of hugs. Lets do one thing – hugs from me too…and here we form the Great Indian Huddle. Know why? Bcoz everytime they huddle something positive comes out. Either for India or for the other side. You\’d not mind I\’m sure. Take care.Time heals.Cheers!

  17. i remember some things too…

  18. Indra…yes I bled…and I cried….
    unlocked the floodgate of the memories and keepsakes and realised that how ever much a brave face I may put on….I will never heal…

  19. Indra..
    man in all there wisdom has just now delivered a post to me which you have written on 9th on my broken bones and books…
    tumi sotti sotti amayboi pathate parbe ? amar ekhane kono bhalo bookshop to nei library o nei.
    jodi paro bolo.

  20. heyy,
    very well written. you remember more dates than any other male i know. [besides an old history teacher]
    …reading those was like a romantic movie playing …again. love the way you have written everything.
    you were so in love, weren\’t you?
    ah, it\’s okay. cherish those moments. preserve those memories.
    ps: my box. good point:) i should add chocolate to it.

  21. Oh! Poignant.
    i know not, where it comes from
    no cuts there are, and yet I bleed
    spilling thus and gathering again
    the million pieces of my heart

  22. but horus …
    every memory that I try to mend
    only more pain does it to me lend
    so I let you be, where you are
    dwelling deep in my heart

  23. thanks for visiting my space. and for your comment. i will be back later 😛 yeah i hope whatever u said rings

  24. great … horus
    glad , that you are not down and out
    that with all your might have you fought
    may life bring you the best it has got
    may you never feel lonely or lost
    enchante 🙂

  25. Yup, Kolkata gechhilaam beratey. du bochhor baadey… 🙂
    Is that a picture of Family Mart in J.P.Nagar, Blore ? Tumi JPNagar-ey thaako naaki ?
    cheers !!

  26. Graveyards !! Love that place !
    Have practised "chokh bondho korey ghumonor bhaan" kora for the last 20 years..
    Never have broken any bones (mine own I mean).
    Never smoked or doped in my life.
    apatoto discover, pulsar aar apache – ei tintey bike niye bhaabhchio konta nebo… 🙂

  27. awww yeah they\’ve taken responsibilities..though nothing can keep me away from spaces!
    hey u saw the enw jiyo tanda piyo thanda ad..coke..the one with cartoons..and mentos barber ad?
    i saw them during the match–loved them both!

  28. I\’ve read this 4 times now, and i still dont knw wht to write. Love is true then, not a mystical illusion, it happens and how! It makes two ppl such tht they find in themselves da capacity to love. Pablo Neruda said somethin abt love which i thought was jst a writer\’s whishful whim, somethin he wud have liked to have happened to him, but when i read ur heart here……the words seem true…..
    " love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
    I love you simply, without problems or pride:
    I love you in this way because I don\’t know any other way of loving
    But this, in which there is no I or You,
    So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
    So intimate that when I fall asleep it is your eyes that close."
    may love find u again…..

  29. I read this again today………..sigh…………you\’re the best you knw tht?!!! but i hate u also……coz this entry always makes me cry……sniff sniff….now for punishment u must take me out for some poochkas…..i luuuuuuuuub them!!!
    Are you starting to find love again? hmmm?

  30. you did loved her with all your heart! sometimes our best is not good enough i believe.

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