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No its not my birth year, I was born much earlier! I have been tagged by Ms A. Though I generally do not write what others want me to (then again, I rarely get any request from anyone to write). I checked if others have complied, and found only two – so? Should I or shouldnt I? Sups said its not easy to write about oneself! Wrong, I can (though I prefer the air of mystery around!). Found just 30 mins and MSN gobbled half of that, wrote this and posting…
  1. I either talk too less or too much (depends totally on the audience)
  2. I have worked as a volunteer psychological counselor for a telephone helpline
  3. Used to eat 20 chapatis at one point of time, eat only 4 now
  4. Have practiced martial art for 8 years
  5. Need at least 30 minutes of total piece when I reach back home after office; any disturbance can cause severe damage to the source
  6. Never ever broken any bones in my body, though been to hospital 11 and a half times for major injuries and once for a major operation. However I have been instrumental in breaking two bones and three teeth of others
  7. Have a collection of folk music from around the world, which when I play, people suspect of serious brain damage.
  8. Love playing eye spy with kids at least once in a month
  9. Never said “I love you” to anyone, still been in a relationship for 15 years;
  10. However I HAVE said “I love you too!”
  11. I can sleep anytime, anywhere, for any length; Slept for 26 hours once.
  12. I can eat anything that a human being can eat in the world, except egg – as I am allergic to it.
  13. Been to a cemetery at midnight when I was 12 to win a bet; later the cemeteries and graveyards used to be my favorite hangouts ‘coz of their peaceful surroundings
  14. Have scaled almost all sorts of tree except bamboo trees
  15. I strongly believe no one in this world is ugly, as beauty is a matter of perspective for a photographer and “eye of the beholder” for a poet
  16. I have an uncanny habit of forgetting words while furiously writing something and then grope in the air, look at the ceiling and ask everybody around to find the right word. Cannot use any other word but the one I forgot.
  17. Have tried almost all types of smoke and drugs to fulfill my moto of “experience everything, commit to nothing”. Still have committed to two things and both are injurious.
  18. One of them is smoking
  19. I work on at least 6 things at the same time; which means I can watch TV, while eating, chatting with someone, respond to someone over phone, check my blog and do all these while hanging from a tree with one hand.
  20. I am sure none is going to believe the last one.

Thats it… believe it or not… the above information is truth to me!





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34 responses to “19 20

  1. I did not believe da 19th one…..but can u balme me? ; )
    Hmm……did sum interesting stuff alrite, martial arts totally rocks, am lookin to learn it when i have sum time and eat anything, eh? well i saw on da telly once a guy eat a live, pulsating cobra heart and after tht drink a goblet of his blood!!!! yeah, u read rite!!! I was shocked and disgusted at da same time!
    P.S: cool trick, u shud teach me how to stay in a relationship for such a looooong time without sayin da L word!

  2. AWESOME….
    why the1/2 time in hospital?..they took a look and sent you back:-)
    other commitment than smoking??( I solomnly swear this is not me, but the bong.lurking inside who is asking)
    Have been in a relation without saying I LOVE YOU….HOW? Do tell, I need the know how very badly.

  3. ur ad list makes good reading…
    bout the helmet, i will certainly get myself one. But i have become so paranoid of bikes now, doubt if i will be able to ride on one with ease…
    Cheers 🙂

  4. Hey real good read…enjoyable and fun.
    I too suffer from this habit of forgetting words rite at the most urgent moment but unlike u, i use any other word slightly similar to fill up the blank and land up in a whole lot of trouble because of the misunderstanding created due to the same…..he he he.My little sister usually clears the confusion then if the incident happens at home.
    Lucky u …being in the hospital 11 and 1/2 times….poor me…as a kid , one of my aim in life was to have a serious fracture so that i could get the sole attention of my parents which unfortunately or maybe fortunately never happened….got to experience that sometime….
    I really envy u ……u got to say " i love u too" to someone….only the lucky few get to say the four words…rest have to be happy with 3.

  5. This list was very similar to mine and my god we share a lot of things in common…
    Lets see….
    Did volunteer work in school,teaching underpriviledged kids.
    Not 1 broken bone in my body till date,been to the hospital,never for broken bones tho.
    This only saying "I love u too" thing is that either u might nt love the person or are generally not very emotional…eitherways,I\’m very unemotional.
    I am allergic to eggs too OMG and mushrooms as well :O
    Been to cemeary at 12.
    Strog believer in experience all and commit to none.
    I did believe you. Lol 🙂

  6. Oh no, I have problems in falling asleep…lol
    Anyways,I\’m in love too,but what I meant ws tht I can be very unemotional if I wish too…romantic nahh…maybe not, but in love…definately!
    Kudos to people in love,hope all\’s well with your better half.
    Take care.

  7. we share 16, 19 err …except for that hanging from the tree part…
    And I still have those illustrated ones all of them really and the other day in a book shop I found out that they were selling them for 250 rs.

  8. no i meant 17 not 16

  9. wow…this was good… drop the air of mystery..its interesting even otherwise..:)
    yes im on a mush roll now…not to be confused with edible variety of mushroom rolls..err ok i just sidetracked again…
    now im interested in knowing…
    -whts the other thing that your addicted to thts injurious???
    -why did you break those ppls bones??
    -are you still on a bone breaking spree if so would you mind taking care of the list i will send across???;)
    i knew bout the hanging tree part..the apes are at it again..;p
    and sir why does my list remind you of the past??? wht happened in the present???
    by the way i tagged you too..so need a list from you..min 10 points max you can do as many as you like…

  10. aaaaaaw hugs hugs.. fine i give you a time off to recuperate….
    and then i shall be back to bug you for my points..;p
    stilll hugs hugs..15 yrs?? wow… i need to learn to last the duration it takes to cross a street!!!!

  11. you know………remember the broken bones…..
    so I broke 3 and cracked 2 more…and the broken ribs are taped up and I am forbidden to get out of bed…which I completely disregarded..and got up as usual…resulting in dislocating them again….so the pain and the enforced bed rest…
    sara din eka eka shuye thaka je ki boring…totally zombied out….boi o nei kono porar jonne….tai I am mad.

  12. i give only monstous bear hugs…:)

  13. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Eye spy with kids! How cute is that? Umm…could I know what exactly is it? Loved points 9 and 10. And hey…this is some pleasant virus influencing bloggers here..self-analysis. Anyone seeing Freud, here?Cheers!

  14. Lolz..that was a funny list, but i sill think its tough writing about the self! (for me it still is Icy agrees yayy :p )
    thanks am on the list 🙂 err oodles of confdence (are u being sarcastic mister horus?)
    20 chapattis and martial arts? Brrrilliant–did u take up these habits at the same time?
    11 times in the hospital–been there done everything horus?
    lolz i wish i could give the exams just by watching tv! (although even tv can be boring after a point of time–yeah #21 my attention span is horrible, i need stuff to keep me interested all the time)
    I hope Icy reads the following  ;
    gtg back to books 😀

  15. hey…gr8 space……gr8 posts too,,,,good work…..tc…drop by sometime….cheers… 🙂

  16. We see eye to eye on 1st and 19 th points..But with one exception that is minus the tree part..
    neat and nice one here!
    and Yes Sup nothing escapes Icy eyes…she read it first thing…now get back to your books if you are frolicking around…dear girl find the fun in them…take my advise..fall in love with them..haha..dont kill me for such a suggestion
    Here\’s to Geminian multitasking abilities Horus

  17. heheheh ahhahahahhaha ting ting ta ting…time to visit my space..its just 2 galaxies way..psst…on the 3rd stars 4th planets largest continents small city\’s broadest road\’s smallest gully\’s BIGGEST MANSION..>!!!!!!!!!!Thats the adress to my space..visit when you feel like…

  18. thnx for dropping by…im waiting fo ur next blog ..hehe…love ur space…and yes ur right….if ur in a society..then we must play by the rules…i completely agree…but psychopaths like darbara need some "special treatment"..dont u agree? ;p

  19. Yeah see i did write about myself…!!!!!I AM GREAT IVE CROSSED ALL BARRIERS….IM GR8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh IC–your initials?
    ok i\’ll refer to Icy Nidhi as Nidhi or gurumaa lol
    (i hope she reads the following again..its great fun esp now that i know she\’s watching me :D)
    I gtg back to books
    (actually am about to update :D..she\’ll kill me for this..lol )

  21. DeGrinningGranny

    now that sounds so interestin…woah! 20 chapatis? wat? in yr dreams? or mayb..those were babie chapatis m sure..and never said "i luv u" been in a rship for 15 yrs..yr gurl must b "SOMEONE" :oP but really wonderin why it is..watever it is! :o) slept for 26 hrs..woah! u must b "someone" too…lol i wish i cud sleep that much..i dont get sleep in the 1st place…and without no doubts..i dont believe in the 19th point! but hey..i just remembered wat yr occupation is? :oP so m not a wrong believer!! heee…

  22. Hey how the heck does every1 know bengali around here!!??

  23. was trying to figure out how many of these i know…Wow, not a lot of them 🙂
    I am done too…yipee!!

  24. man.. this was the best 20!! yes i doubt #19!!!

  25. I always thought broken bones was such a cool thing while at school. Never managed to break them until i got my ligaments torn. Pain kills.
    Totally agree with 30 mins thing – lead to broken relation in my case!! No broken bones there too. Sigh!!

  26. hey
    Thanks for the help. But, it didn\’t really work. I mean i went to the yahoo dil se desi group. But, didn\’t really find it. Looked up almost all the groups or clubs they have for yahoo. And searched for it. But, couldn\’t find one. May be you could tell me where u went and how u went and where u found it. That will be great. You are awsome. You rock! You have no idea, how much this means to me. So, thank you so much….

  27.  Ah mayte (more like m8) he cant get up even if he want to get up at a particular time 🙂 We all have to help wake him up else he would end up bunking his part time.
    So you are doing it aye? Make it grand on Valentines :p

  28. do i still have things untold 😦 I thought I wrote a lot about myself.
    Nyways, we manage to get that fresh beans coffee everyday 😀
    And there is Costa Coffee at Shoprix & Sector 18 too and I think its better than CCD & Barista. Did u try it?

  29. hiya horus
    thanks for the advice
    though i have less time to worry now–time for the kill
    its here all begins from vday! 😀

  30. ahh why am i not surprised that it would turn out to be your favourite topic??
    reality, time is i start on those two i wont stop…. but in the end no one can really come up with concrete facts can they?? its all a matter of philosophical propoganda which science has given definition but yet ppl not satisfied with mere 24 hr view on time search for a deeper meaning… i shall stop here before i get into my hermit like trance once more..;)
    i am positively ok do not worry by heavenly fren…hugs are always welcome

  31. beware of pickpockets!!!!!wht was tht??
    yeah it was snowing but now the weather is ok.

  32. you got one of those jackets too ?
    I got 2…one in khaki colour another olive green….and when I travel…I load them with any & all the things I can find….
    update koi ?

  33. but hanging from a tree?? lol. how?
    loved your 20 things…

  34. which helpline? please .

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