Back From The Brink

It was an unusually sultry Saturday night. He went to sleep late, after spending the hours in front of the two screens – TV and his laptop. He thought he would be oblivious to the proceeding of the night. But he woke up, with perspiration dotting his forehead, the throat dry and an unusual emptiness inside. Hand went out; in the darkness of the room he searched for the bottle. With a thud it announced that it has been displaced by the seeking hand. He scampered to rescue it, salvaged the water, and tried to moisten the parched throats. The last drop dropped inside; even after emptying the entire bottle the innards were still as dry. Is it the end?


He stood up, with one half of his soul still enslaved by the sleep dragon, he moved with unsettled rhythm. Reaching the cabinet his half dead hands opened the doors, searching for it, his last hope. His half asleep brain told him, it’s not there. He didn’t replenish his life saving stock. Still he prayed for some miracle, hoped to find some leftovers from his last stock. Cabinets after cabinets he kept on the search, his mind getting more sluggish, his will is on its southward journey. Even the faithful plastic containers declared the emptiness; none of it is there.


Another door is opened; the yellow streak of light coming out accompanied the chilly draft. The mixed smell of all the greens kept inside for the next day morning announced opening of the refrigerator door. The salamis and salad dressings are there, the blue cheese sitting in-between the smoked cheese and cheddar confirmed, nothing has changed, no miracles. With last hope he shifted thought the bottles on the rack, even the ever-faithful small bottle has dried up. This must be the end. His feet gave way, he could not stand any longer, he knows he must have it; and must have it now.


His head was spinning. How can he do this? Not a single piece of sweet thing in the entire house? No Chocolates, no gulab jamun, no sweets, no candy, not even the bourbon or the cream biscuits? How can he do that to himself? How can he be so irresponsible? Even the bottle of honey tucked in the corner of the shelf has dried up. No, wait, what’s that? Lying in the farthest corner of the bottom shelf? Is that the Mango Bar Ammi left? With frantic efforts, everything made way to his reaching hands; yes! It is the juicy one, with trembling hand he puts them in his wanting mouth, the juice starts flowing in; eyes can focus now; he lives for another day!


The disastrous night saw Horus make to the stores the Sunday morning he dedicates to his faithful bed. The room is now full, chocolates (Bournville dark, Rum n Raisin, Tobleron), Biscuits (Bourbon, and strawberry cream), a pack of Gulab jamuns, hundred grams of mixed candies. The evening saw the First Chocolate Caked baked by Hours in this millennium (first outside Kolkata – in fact). Now he knows, he can sleep well, without the fear of the end.



27 responses to “Back From The Brink

  1. your house sounds yummy…do you mind visitors of the sweet tooth kind???;)it is astonishing to see how u potrayed your inadequacy of stocking up, so well…lol..way to go!

  2. DeGrinningGranny

    woah woah woah! now this sounds so temptin..i need candies too…sounds so delicious…umm..yumm…yumm..yumm..i cant stop dreamin! just left to dream..cuz i got nuthin of these sorts at the moment at my place..too bad–> for me! wat to do now..? okay tomm..the 1st thing in the mornin..alrite,after work! me gettin a whole lot of candies..and gonna keep em wid me! and this is a luvly write up…and yeah..m makin my space a private thing now..cuz of certain reasons…

  3. thanks for stopping by. I agree with you. The more we think about lost relationships, the more we harm the present ones, which may be more valuable.Love,1Life.

  4. hello fellow chocolate addict/ sweet tooth-ed is indeed, the end of life as you know it if you don\’t fulfill your sugar craving at half past two every morning. instant gratification is the only way to survive. in regard to your comment on my space: the glory of nothingness. if only it were nothingness, let alone glory. until then, i\’m quite content with the boredom. 🙂

  5. Horus now this is prepostrous!! How could you just eat it all – imagine all by yourself!!My mouth watering..chocos .oh! i want one now! what a delicious home it must be! yummy! In BTW how about the new Bajaj Pleasure ad – Why should boys have all the fun? Isnt it sweet?choco brownie cheersicy

  6. sure i will reciprocate…as long as i can get all the choclate cakes i want…;)my update??? sigh im suuuu lazy these days… got loads of work as it is…i just check blogs to reply back to the comments and read others updates… but i shall not dissapoint..i will get writing on one soon…until then you yummy person…take cares…

  7. ah well my work is free no time… i usually should finish it in the morning but i dont..i just keep procrastinating and then theres the hullabalooo of staying at home….my folks are leaving soon …so they dont like me sitting on the comp now…they need some quality time with yours truly and all this and more…doesnt let me update as often as i would like….sigh..

  8. once again, in reference to your comment on my space: i don\’t subscribe to the belief that you\’re the only one who can make something of your boredom. what utter rubbish. lots of people can entertain me, yet the one person i would love to be entertained by is FAR too cool for me! wretches, the lot of them!in the meantime, i shall have to survive boredom and other such connected things by posting random things on my space and other people\’s. oh such fun. 😉

  9. excellent writing… i wonder how ppl can write like this..oh man its just so good…saurabh

  10. DeGrinningGranny

    meeeeaaade it public again.. :oP so never mind.. :o)

  11. Shush!!!this is just not cannot tempt us all like this. I miss nilgiri–and the plum cake..ok thank god for kookie jar 😀 oh btw u know they have a new outlet at alipore which is like a small cafe with a sandwich bar etc..its awesome and the Mint pastry at kookie is JUST yum!(there i hope ur jealous now :p lol) hey did u see the kotak securities \’coffee\’ ad–thought it was interesting!

  12. hello fellow bong and sweets addict:-)what a fantabulous space you have. Thank you for dropping by and commenting….it encourages me to write when when people like you who has such great blogs comment on peanuts & nat cole such unusual combinations ?about the post…yesterday night woke up at 3 am..hunted thruout the house and atlast found a boondi laddoo to eat..felt great & went back to sleep.. will stock up on my chocolates today..cheers!!

  13. DeGrinningGranny

    yeap! there is an update..but not abt the ppl at work :oPyeah for some reason i made it private but it was too muc of a pain to inform eone even though itried wid few..i gave up after that and someone who commented on my space apologised! so i thot wud make it public again..:o)

  14. i said others are nice and sweet people as well! :P(i don\’t know how Else to say it…now if u don\’t consider urself nice & sweet i cannot do anything about it :P)yeah that scoop is now a dating adda as far as i know :Dhot breads is called \’escoffier\’ now…srk airtel i think i saw the ending…wil catch it soon!ohh im sup2 cut down on tv as failing miserably, all my attempts at concentration are going waste… i have exams due 😦

  15. Oh wowie!A bit of a sweet tooth nw is it:DWOW jus thinkin abt all those chocolates made my mouth water! My personal fav tho is Snickers altho its passe nw…U no sumthin, I\’m very much like u, I thot I was the only strange one keeping a boz of milkmaid in the fridge to satisfy my sweet tooth at night and oh yeah pepsi helps too:)Nicely written.Take care:)

  16. Oh. My stomach.

  17. hmmm yeah the place has lost some of its popularity..i haven\’t been there in ages–will do that now! coleslaw salad n pizza maybe!radio–i wont be able to study if its on..i start singing along! lol

  18. I heard this before.It sounds familiar. No I din have a similar experience. But it does sound familiar 😉

  19. Got some for myself!! A box of Godiva, Lindt, a packet of kisses apart from a box full of creamy pastry!! I am planning to make trow a \’all dessert day\’!! That should satisfy my sweet tooth hopefully!!

  20. Hey Horus,For da first coupla lines i thought: " Confessions of a true addict? Thts real gutsy!" haha imagine, ma head shakin stupid face when i read, u were craving for choclate!!! hahaA sweettooth, eh? A false addiction alarm methinks! Hope u have a stock tht last u a looooong time!= ),…….ekta.

  21. Dude,where's my space?

    *releases pent up breath with a whooooosh!*
    phew,You have survived!We have much to be thankful for.Let us make haste to thank the lord of sweet teeth with a sacrifice…
    No ,seriously..these things help us face life with courage ,reassured that we are that that bar of lindt awaits us at home..*slurp* thanks for the comment!
    p.s-noticed that buses and chocolate go great together?

  22. maal beshi khele raatey thirst e ghum bhenge jaye.alcohol does that its diurectic in nature

  23. lol, so I know : )

  24. btw.. the white fonts were a tad difficult to read – you can ignore this.. but my eyesight is poorer than most .. so would’ve preferred darker letters..

  25. Reblogged this on Abode of Horus and commented:

    Something I wrote years back – thought about sharing it again !!

  26. glad to meet another chocoholic! i was thinking that he was looking for bottle of whisky 🙂

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