Yesterday n Today


Twice in two days, I was on air with Radio City, to express my opinion! Yesterday on Route 91 and today on Simply Adjust Madi… I guess I am showing pretty strong opinions eh?

Besides that I need to take care of this peculiar habit.  Being a Gemini, I guess I have a pretty restless mind, and thus while on a meeting I just cannot sit idle. If I do, I tend to drift off and sometime fall asleep. So what I do is play with my pen or pencil on the paper that I have. I draw and scribble (these three are what came out during the two meetings yesterday and today!). But it seems that doing it sends a somewhat wrong body message to the other people present. Though people who knows me, knows the fact I am always very much into the discussion and nothing slips through, but to people unaware they feel that I am switched off to some other channel. So I have been asked to do whatever I want but sketching. So that will be daunting task!


14 responses to “Yesterday n Today

  1. Hi….NO offence taken buddy. = )Hmm…..interesting dis is…..I have da shortest attention span eva! If wht am into currently dosent interest me or is gettin to monotonous, u\’ll find me shifting ma eyes, dartin dem all abt, lookin for sumthin more interesting! True dis is!Saw ur \’hall of fame list\’ one advertisement i totlally adore is \’Surf excel, daag acche hain naa?\’ where da boy scold and hits dirt for spoiling his sister\’s clothes!!!!he says in da end……\’Sorry bol raha hai\’…..ahhh! dats da best ad eva!! and i also like Microsoft ka add……awesome!seeya,…..ekta.

  2. hmmm ganapthi seems to be the happening god these days…geminis are geminis after all..guess what i am one too…i dont believe in stars and all that…but the gemini characterization is suuu true…then again it might be the power of suggestion working here….sont know…cuz its ahrd for me to believe some random star that may not even exist now is responsible for my future?? yeeeesh!!u do know that some of the stars we see do not exist right now dont you???i like your art… the shadings are particularly nice…

  3. I wanted to call a radio station today to win \’Freak Friday\’ but then figured out that there are better versions than im.

  4. Hehe Another Gemini here Horus!My my nothing ever held my attention for long spans…& can you believe I do many things at one time..I can never take my meal without a book or a page to read & then I watch TV along & I talk too & of course daydream..hmm & then I feel satiated..But I love silences too ..hey today experienced that state in purity- the sound of silence.Hey loved ur favorites list: esp the last one; even a spoonful of sugar will do..sheesh how like me!Horus geminis rock! when there is nothing to do or eat I swallow a spoonful of sugar..hahaI am smilesicy

  5. Oh wow..didn\’t know icy is a gemini too..(no im not favourite ppl are gemini :)well u know..i scribble my name again n again (in diff styles) during classes and sometimes draw weird stuff…sometimes great ideas strike me then…n i still have to stare at the profs face trying to concentrate on french new wave and bengali cinema!!i knew the sequel would be horrible..add it to ur list–worse ad ever..i don\’t know what they want to show making kajol look like some hot superwoman doing matrix stunts..threatening them to buy marie digestive biscuits, and i hate fake hair on actresses!!

  6. gee tanks for saying that:) an if i ask my sister, its obvious tat she wil support me…. an if she doesn\’t then she gets it nicely 4m me:p lol take care,cyaaregards, Gunveen:)

  7. "Thick Kheer with rice" ??Kheer is made from rice and you add more to it? It would lose its sweetness, no?

  8. the hunt is still on…you dont have to particularly go some where do you??your right geminis rock…lol..whoever i met so far did anyways…cant say bout the rest of the billion population….. ah i forget most of them are here in india arent they???no wonder the "expressway" is so not express..more like a depressed way…..makes me depressed..move traffic…mush mush…;p

  9. DeGrinningGranny

    hmm..that happens..! so u r a gemini! i c.. no wonder u into so many things! these sketches r pretty interestin n nice.. u r gud at scribblin eh? m so bad at it! unless i sketch properly wid full concentration i cant sketch..but m gud at colorin though :oP one cant get ething in life i guess! :o)

  10. wohoo…horus gets happening 🙂 how are the rjs there?

  11. oh well isnt it cool being on radio!!!????…i wss really excited when i had to shoot for adidas but it ended up being forcast on radio!!!…that was quite sad :(…oh well r u superstitious???or like into astrology n stufF???

  12. oh well im not into astrology but im sure;ly PROUD TO BE A LIBRAN THE NON LIVING STAR SIGN!!!!!

  13. Hmm. Quite a variety of "kheer" you seem to have. All our clan knows is the rice variety.

  14. I had my 15 mins of fame too consequetively in a wekk, First Aj TAk wale asked me what I thot of rahul dravid getting married [ I cared 2 hoots but sed "Ohhh I\’m heartbroken:PP] and they kept playing thatand the other was sahara samay in which they were covering a local event in which jagjit singh had come to perform and oh yes one more time on valentines da in the club and oh yes the local newspaper too…Lolol,I stil have som cuttings left somewhere.Ur good at sketching by the luks of it,altho if i were in the meeting I wudnt encourage u too:]Take care:D

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