Hitting the Road – Blore to Pune n Back

So I was traveling. Didn’t tell ne one infact. It was more a duty than a vacation. First I packed mom on the AC 2 tier on Hampi Express and then went to the Doc the next day morning. Doc told me to take a five-day bed rest to improve my lower back, and gave me two kinds of pill. Took the pills all right, but the agenda was un-postponable. So just prayed to my gods and went to the bus stop in the evening. Took the ticket to Hospet, and boarded the Rajhans bus.



Well it was supposed to be a uneventful journey, only event I have to mention is sighting of this frail beauty, who boarded the bus after all the seats were full along with her uncle. She was lightly built, like those rowboats that move fast, yet gracefully. She had a face that can help the traffic department of any city, with a few strands of hair disturbing the view. The strands apparently have revolted from the long braid that adorns the graceful back clad in the yellow dress. She decided to sit on the aisle just beside me, till the two gentlemen sitting in front of me got down at some stop. The bus was dark, so only had a few glimpses while we disembarked for a break in between and couple of times when the conductor chose to turn the light on for some reason and SHE chose to lift her head from her slumber. It was just some casual glimpses and she got down alone at Chikmagalur; but believe me, these are faces that are hard to forget and I was hoping if only I had taken this journey some year’s back!



Reaching Hospet, my PR activities were in full swing. Used all my marketing experience and tried to bowl all and sundry to make life for my Bro and her Fiancée a bit easier. Took a trip to all those place with mom and Aruna (Bro’s Fiancée) where they spent their time during the college days. And at the end of the day, finally got a good feedback that her parents has consented. So we boarded the semi sleeper bus,, and again took on the roads (second night on the trot in a bus) and reached Pune in the wee hours of 30th.


Spent the day with Bro and mom on streets of Pune and with lots of Marvel and DC comics. Next day morning Aruna arrived with more good news, and I cooked a delicious “Dahi Chicken”, with Aruna trying to learn the nuances of non-veg cooking, and Bro supplied the Jira Rice. In the evening it was again time to say good-bye. I boarded the Kingfisher jet as it left the tiny airport of Pune, and before I could finish my first para of this entry, we were landing. Reached Bangalore, preparing for the solo journey of life again as I was preparing to meet the 2006 head on…

12 responses to “Hitting the Road – Blore to Pune n Back

  1. Quite a trip that its. Talk bout faces, i saw a gal on 31st with her ugly father…quite an powerful impression that is. Grr!!! I guess its \’consent\’ time!! Couple of my frnds are getting married soon after getting consent from their parents. Pass on my wishes to ur bro 🙂 And yes, i was bout to catch the bullet with my beak but then director wanted it that way :)Btw, did you notice the kingfisher attire?? 😛


  2. whoa…wat a job!! congrats to u n ur bro!!had that "beautiful stranger" experience when i was in 8th, in delhi\’s appu ghar…still remember her n her green dress… pch.. no net at tat time.. neways… take ur time.. and judge?? wat?? p.s: did u see the idbi (i guess) ad of tat bubble growing??


  3. Hi HorusHappy New Year!Long time since the rainmates connected..I have been to Binsar & Kausani too and I agree with your feelings about them. In fact they are the best places I hv been too besides Rohtang Pass. Binsar has a weird memory as one guy got after my life there…those were the days!! hahaHey Horus as Klebe says what\’s the big deal about Kingfisher attire? I m curious to know..take careNidhiCongrats to ur brother & Aruna


  4. *sigh* a encounter with a beautiful stranger…have you hear the song by james blunt "beautiful"…if u havent u should the play it on radio city all the time…perfect song for this experience of yours…hmmm i had one like tht…but thts another story for another day….damn i wonder if i was ever a beautiful stranger for anyone…lol thts asking for too much…*sigh*…;panyways…yes i totally love tht album i uploaded…its one of my passions these days to get good picutres like tht…they do say so much huh??….bout my poem…well its means a lot more but your somewhat near the mark…thts why i write lines sometimes, so i dont hve to clearly tell ppl wht i want to say….and yet i have said it..;)


  5. commenting should not be limited…!! at least i firmly believe tht on my space hmmm maybe i should write rules on my space too….neah..we hve enuff of those in real life…metaphors are good..and yes i can see your abode is full of them….why do you think i keep coming back??….;)my eyes huh??…hmmm….maybe i should use it to my advantage…lol..give a sad puppy eyes look..actually i do tht when i want something…;D…but neah it takes more thn one part of the anatomy to be a complete beautiful stranger….sigh…;p


  6. Donno why my frnd was going gaga over that – coz they looked scary? 🙂 I hate these air hostesses in India. They mistook the \’cheerful\’ attitude with lot of lipstick and fake smile. It gets too much sometimes. Oh its very hard to please me.


  7. hmmm u know im not very comfortable in saying i have anything good…wierd??..so i shall not say anything anyways…buuuuuut your welcome to say anything in your comment and trust me no limits….still stands…tc


  8. hia!! happy new year:)


  9. hia!! happy new year:)


  10. walls yes..but all types…some smooth and not easy to conquer…some of them gives you a grip to climb over..maybe sometimes..unconsioucly or consiously i need someone to climb over….others strictly to keep ppl out…which wall is yours??…we have to figure that ourselves..dont we??….


  11. tats a "cool coffee"!!!! any resolutions??? today is the last day for the contest of "resolutions awards".


  12. i have a aruna in my life too ,shez my ma


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