Meri Kismis

Its been a loooooong long time that I had so much fun on Christmas. I was about to forget the charm of Christmas. May be that’s why Santa gifted me this wonderful Christmas this time.


First Ammi came, and then we all gathered in one of my cousin bro’s place. Though he is presently at Kargil enduring –16 degree Celsius, his home at Bangalore was as warm as possible, with another cousin of mine, with two bhabis and three nieces, Honey, Tia and Panna. Had one of most wonderful Christmas eve with those three, going back to my childhood, playing dumb charade, Killer and twenty questions till late night. And then we spent the next day walking around central Bangalore, with Panna on my back, Tia on my hand and Honey besides. We went up and down the escalators at Bangalore central and bought lots of candies (those that comes in n-number of shapes, colors and taste, with only one flavor of fun). Ammi and Bhabi were with us too as we ate (burgers, pizzas, ice-creams), played and had fun.


Oh by the way, Santa even left some gifts for me on my pillow side in the morning!!


Ho – Ho – Ho !!


15 responses to “Meri Kismis

  1. yes, rajarhat road has turned out to be amazing…a word of caution though: its a proper highway n not very safe, so be careful if u come here. em bypass..i have not idea what it was like at nite 6 years ago…but yes it is almost always congested with traffic glad u had an amazing christmas. kids are always fun, i could spend the whole day with them n not get bored…and a christmas spent amidst family..thats great!

  2. Santa had put me on his naughty list and i had no gifts despite a personalised letter to him!!Glad you had good time. Kids and family are always fun to be with.

  3. Ha! Age old traditions. I cant wait for new years now that chrismas is over. Its amazing how more than half of my life preliminarily revolves around chocolate 🙂 It shows doesn\’t it! Either way…my comment was a song (from what i recollect), something you\’d probably enjoy listening to from what you wrote the other day – its called \’memory remains\’ – metallica.

  4. ye ye…so finally horus\’ mom came :)did she get sandesh?santa wont give me any gifts :(coz i ask for only mobiles &/or laptops. did i ask for much 😦

  5. well merr y xmas n hahppy new year…watybout chlormint.???msn i luv watchin ads i dunno y…umm if i had 2 aask santa fr a gift id ask him for ummm…yeah mi space be voteed as the best n i get a prize money of 10000 rupees!!!welll that aint much…ting


  7. A Christmas Lesson"Is there a purpose? Why are we here?"A little boy asked as the yuletide drew near."I really do hope that someday I will knowthe reason we stand out here in the snow,ringing this bell as people walk by,while thousands of snowflakesdescend from the sky."The mother just smiled at her shivering sonwho would rather be playing and having some funbut soon would discover before evening was donethe meaning of Christmasthe very first one.The young boy exclaimed, "Mother where does it go?""All the pennies we collect – every year in the snow.""Why do we do it? Why do we care?""We worked for these pennies,so why should we share?""Because once a baby – so meek and so mildwas born in a manger – so humble the childthe son of a King – was born in this wayto give us the messageHe carried that day."The present God gave the world on that night,was the gift of his son to make everything right.Why did he do it? Why did he care?To teach about lovingand how we should share.""The meaning of Christmas, you see my dear son,is not about presents or just having funbut the gift of a father – his own precious Sonso the world would be savedwhen his work was all done"Now the little boy smiled – with a tear in his eyeas snowflakes kept falling from out of the sky -rang louder the bell as the people walked bywhile down deep in his heartat last he knew why.Merry Christmas To U All

  8. someone is J…hmph!

  9. i resent that!!! this is not coolie no 1 nor whtevertherestofthenameswas….lolanyways…i guess we could hve had you alive but it was more fun wtching u al dieeeeeeeeeeee….lolsorry the sadist in me tlking here…anyhow happy new yrs in the way i have updated….thank you

  10. no need fr ne 1 bhai i have a good memory…or well id rather use a calendar instead of the comp…well i got heaps more frm acramax these jokes jus rokk

  11. fascinating…i had heard of the theory that neither joy, nor sorrow has any existence, they are the one and the same, and it depends upon the individual, how he chooses to perceive it..but that joy is fundamental, unhappiness is a mere absence of happiness…thats something new…and food for thought. new years almost here, hope you have a great new year ahead of wishes, take care

  12. so happy that you had a pleasant christmas. mine was great too after so many years. can\’t remember the last pleasant christmas i had.guess santa has been really generous with the good will this year.hope your new year outshines the brightness of christmas.\\|/

  13. christmas came and went… its the end of year now… but you havent updated?!!Anyways… I was here to wish you …a Happy New Year !! Have a good year ahead…

  14. Hey i guess this is the 2nd time i ve dropped by… Happy New Year!!

  15. hi happy new year santa left u gift but where r my gifts bad bad bad waiting for themcheersshikha

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