Long Live Antidepressants !!

I twisted and turned with my memories and kept on whining and thinking what to do wid them; lotsa ppl told lot many things – but cudnt digest ne one of them; – and then thought whadda hell. I am living and will live it fully till I die. So looked for those antidepressants. One big dose is coming soon; she is getting airlifted on Monday – the best mood-booster for all – ever. She has been there since my birth – u know who!!


But till then what? So – I turned to Disney, Pogo, CN and…. Woooooo! The dose of “Just for laugh – Gags”, Alladin, Little Mermaid, Justice League, can do wonder to me neday. Then there was a night of “Rise of the nations” (till 3 O’clock in the morning), and Archie accompanying me for the in between times (while cooking and in the loo too). And here I am all fresh and ready to fight all that dares to confront…

Bring em on, king Horus stands tall!


27 responses to “Long Live Antidepressants !!

  1. yep the holiday season maybe. we don\’t wanna end the year on a bad note do we?hey i really like the last line!

  2. Enterthespacebar

    have fun .. tis season .. cooking and eating 😛 … haha ..

  3. Thanks for the information but I dont get to hear Ipod often….we share the pink bundle of joy…Shilpas mom

  4. thats exactly what i do sometimes!!!! Just for laugh – Gags is an awesome antidepressant. hey! ur thoughts are pretty good on the good and bad and the 1st and 2nd set of people. thanks for your comments! 🙂

  5. Who\’s she ???And isn\’t that an over dose of TV watching ??

  6. king horus dont bore us..lol totally kidding ok???im back and i feel depressed suuuuu send me one of ur antidepresents..or just send presents…;pcheers…aaaand i updated….u r most welcome to visit my humble abode a great king…

  7. tsk tskthere speaks the true horus as we know him 🙂

  8. that idiot box i blame partly for my insanity, instability induced by living in a watercolour world leaves the rest of the world thinking you\’re a freak and at intervals laughs at you and then lets you be, to let the water from the colours flow from unobstructed tear ducts.i now don\’t watch tv.\\|/

  9. yup. i guess so. people seem to be gettin me all wrong though.

  10. U love cartoons don\’t you ?! 🙂

  11. hey!thanks for ur comments again. ur thoughts are always crystal clear. well adapting is what I am doing since long. i have adapted a lot on personal and work front, but u see somewhere there is this human weakness that dosent allow u to adapt completely. i will keep trying thats how we evolved and thats how we manage to stay on top! 🙂 take care!

  12. lol didn\’t want to extend the already long entry.The ending is quite boring- our teacher stayed awake all night..and a few of the students gave her company (now they are in her good books for life) in the morning we woke up drowsily having had just about 3-4 hours of sleep..we crossed the peacocks..which was nice and joked about the previous night!yep you\’re right..let people say whatever they want to.. i know i\’m right!

  13. i sound like a giggly babe…*shudder*…iDO NOT GIGGLE…more like guffaw…;panyways..hmm does my blog seem like im royalli pissed?? meebee i write in a not so cheerful moood…dunnohey long comments no problems…keep em coming is all i can say…annnndddddddd….wht i want to know who is this ic fren of urs tht u hve out his snaps up…hmmm are u happy and gay….;) tc

  14. woopsie daisies ! ur mum !! humm… thank gawd I changed the nick beforehand only… !! So did auntyji find "dear son" doing fine all alone ??

  15. Shilpa and driving???????????I pod I can share with her its no problem…She is capable of driving every one else!!!!!!!!!driving mad I meant;)Sushma Aunty

  16. okayy curious question #1234is that really your buddy or is it you?

  17. where is ur baby gone??hey watch out for disney movies on cn 7pm IST … everyday….TREAT..yeay..

  18. I came here visiting yesterday too but was unable to post comment…where has the King Horus been sorjourning?If someone was to ask me my fav. channel these days- it is Disney…Hate Serials & news channels! media at their worst so I make do with newspapers but Disney I adore..guess childhood knocking again & to think I hated cartoons during my young days..cheers Rain mateIcy

  19. My curious question ditto as Supriya\’s… Is this Horus?icy

  20. see everybody wants to knoww :Dlol got my answer though 🙂

  21. i thought u r alone… so was wondering where ur baby is gone?hey btw…u seen that ad , its an old one..Chinkara..hamdard ka tonic chinkara…..simply love that ad, and also pan pasand ads, and "meri nanni ki nanni bhi yehi kehti thi" :))and there was this one also..bajaj" jab main chotta bacha tha, badi sharat karta tha,…" and humara bajaj..wow those jingles…simply superb. now they dont make that stuff..commercials are any time better then the serials..they r more intriguing

  22. your majesty king horus….i am awake and well i just got over my bad mood…few min bck…anyways..bout the person in the snap..hmmm well i dont particularly warm to moustaches…but otherwise for a guy with one hes ok…now tell me WHO IS THIS IC AND IF HES UR FREN Y SOO MANY SNAPS????

  23. Metallica – Memory Remains?It\’s on my \’must listen every now and then\’ list.


  25. Woosh…Thats me who just got blown away by that spirit..!! Like that attitude!Yay,yay, way to go…!! I shall back u:PP j/k..:)Just for laughs, gags is one of my fav shows…I crack up laughing!! Rise of nations is an aweome game, got age of empires3 jus recently..and err…Archies in the loo as well as while cooking!! (hope its not the same edition!) :PPPHappy endings r my fav…thanks for the support(which only a few extended btw!):))) Take Care…

  26. \’Gags\’ really has me in splits! It is extremely funny to see the reaction of poor bystanders or shoppers when they are fooled!! Frankly I still love all those cartoons!

  27. nothing works better than a good movie as a mood depressant 🙂

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