Unpacking my stuff, unpacking memories under wrap

Memories, they haunt, they inspire, they take us down and they make us high. But very few are clear what to do with them. Actually the question is, can we actually do something with them? Do we keep them, or do we throw them off? I am more concerned over those that are not in sync with the present. The memories that make you remember someone who is not there, who is not going to come back, who has chosen to go off and you have accepted it too.


Most of them that haunts are usually the good ones. But when they come, they leave that bad after taste, like the one you get form the artificial sweeteners, sweet when you are having, but after that….


Its difficult, they are not only memories related to the person who is not there alone; they are memories that both enjoyed together. They were part of our life. Lots of them are still part of the life. She is not there, but the remains of that life are there. Do you simply discard them? Make them disappear as she disappeared? But aren’t those something that you like too? Aren’t they something that you enjoyed, cherished and even now feel proud of? There are so many things scattered as the result of “the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation”. I can not part with them, as they too are very close to heart. But at they same time they keep linking me to the past, that I have left back. A history of 15 years that ended two years back.


Is it easy to just erase 15 years from your memory? Is it required to erase the memories? Should one live with them? Is it required to clean the slate – or should I change the slate?



8 responses to “Unpacking my stuff, unpacking memories under wrap

  1. Somehow we always refer to the past as \’good ol days\’ so I presume that memories bring some amount of joy. We cannot format our memories. So good or bad…painful or joyous…gotta live with them.


  2. Memories sometimes are my only friends, they make sense to my senseless present. and they remind me of the sesnless past, giving me hope for a sane future. :)15 yrs hmmm….. that\’s a lot to foget. coffee?t.cPayal


  3. have you seen the eternal sunshine of the spotlesss mind?? watch it then….its got a whole lot to do with wht u wrote….anyways..its not easy to erase…but you can change faceleave the past behind…and free your mind..go ahead with hope..or u know what..just take dope…;psorry the poetry bugs bit me….anyways im off…weekends strting yes for me it strts on thursday…u take care..and if ureally need to loose those memoreies..give me a call i can fill ur mind with toxic trash u wont hve space 4 anything else…toodlooo


  4. 15 years, eh?that\’s a long time.. memories are something i think everyone struggles with .. and it\’s not the bad ones that bother us, it\’s the good ones that leave a sense of longing that you can\’t cure … Peace..


  5. 19 years 9 months of my life…certain memories just remain- good or bad.no matter what.The good one\’s bring joy, a feeling of nostalgia..and the bad ones don\’t haunt- they just remind you- of certain experiences..feelings and incidents..because the past afterall can\’t be changed..it lives with you as a part of your life…its a diff thing if you choose to forget certain times..if they hurt you now, they\’re best forgotten.


  6. Hi Horus,I saw your comments in kiran\’s blog. You write well. I appreciate the clarity of your opinion and thoughts.CheersReshmi


  7. I polish my memories and remove the rough edges. Smooth the sharpness so that they won\’t draw blood. I run my fingers over them to know they are still there. They are my talismans and even the most painful I wouldn\’t live without.


  8. evenif u change the slate after 11 years my chalkstains still remain on my fingers. the smell of the chalk once held for 15 years will not go


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