The madman under the tree

Balancing the bush on the head and the face

Careless blacks adorning his grace

Oblivious of the seconds, minutes and hours

Keeps counting the dead leaf falling…one – two – three


Blissful toddler in the yard

Romancing with the new realm

Trying to taste the world with his palm

Oblivious of the seconds, minutes and hours

Keeps counting the new flowers blooming…one – two – three


Neither a toddler nor a madman

Am a puppet in the hands of shaman

Counting each second, minute and hour

No time to count, just follow orders… one – two – three


20 responses to “one…two…three…

  1. nice…. shall I continue with four, five, six, ….etc…cheersz

  2. 🙂 beautifully written

  3. Hmmm….Pretty neat! Shabby man counts leaves falling, toddler counts flowers blooming…and u who are neither shabby nor a toddler have no time thus u only count order…one..two..three..!Hahhahaha :PLiked the way u linked the three but…lavly..!Take CareCiao!p.s. u scored a 46% i think..not bad still i had ppl score 33% *ahem* will post the scores when i update,thanks for takin the quiz..!Take CareCiao!

  4. *sigh*wish i cud romance with the new realm as well:(

  5. Zofo stole my proposed comment. Then I shall have to make do with seven eight nine. A sneak preveiwSeven eight nineI\’m Miss. FineShut up don\’t whineThis poem is mine!You have to read between the lines, it\’s actually very profound.

  6. nice poem…real nice..and i dont know if u meant it but it kinda spooked me…i can relate to all three ppl at times…dazed…enthralled.. controlled….123..u actually know a guy who can manage with my how toos??…i need an intro..*chuckle*…i mean i cant manage with any1 with a whiny voice even….boy or girl…!!anyways u take care now…

  7. madman … toddler … shaman … very interesting. beautifully written. love the drawings. 🙂 Peace …

  8. Thank you for thw perls of wisdom :)Need them a lot. I wanna follow a madman too 🙂 but no madman in sight.t.cPayal

  9. multiple personalities? time sometimes makes us seem like totally different people\\|/

  10. ya awlad fil isis wa osiris…oh he who has two eyes on his bro thnk u for enlightening me..;)in case ur wondering the arabic translation is oh son of….

  11. #@!$…thats all the hierogrphycal??!!…i can get and u can fill in as many four letter words as u want/// egyptians speak arabic these days…antha himarun kabeerun(you r a big donkey)sorry my arabic vocab is detiorating…

  12. ur 1-2-3 went like eminem\’s left-right-left (from the song toy soldierz) !!but hey…. that was good…loved the first two stanzas… then the 3rd one… brought in the orders… damn! the orders…!!

  13. cursed to carry the traits of those 12 signs.headstrong ram, bang before think, probably all the \’headbanging\’ in my early days has caused some serious brain damage! ;-)\\|/

  14. nice poem!! hey thanks for your wishes! 🙂 take care!!

  15. Slaves of time…we all :(the cycle goes…life moves 1, 2, 3…

  16. ahalan wa sahlan(hello)i hate coconuts…;p…anyways thx fer the um confession…dude when u confess its gotta be bout something u did or done and thts not really basically the juicy details..lolanywaysssssss…shukran(thanks) fer the comment..yes i might hve lied..might hve said the truth…u still hve no idea….and thats what i like doing..confession…making ppl totally clueless…;p

  17. mystery women with the hint of sush look??….lolexplain yourself u horus..ignoramus..;pby the way I POSTED…nothing great but still an entry is an entry …..juicy details yes….gross details no..mangoes yes…y dont u be one…then i can probably blend u…;p

  18. whats soo contridicting huh??,,,fine if u gonna be a coconut … at least be kind enuff to open yourself up for us…its damn tuff to crack a nut..why?? cuz hes already nuts..(crack);psushmita?? moi??..yes u defintely have ignorant eyes…have u tried glasses??by the way..its kinda time for you to …UPDATE….!!!

  19. very nice! puppet in the hands of shaman hmm… i would like to know more about that. 🙂 take care

  20. This is just beautiful. So true as only a child and madman can feel happiness unadulterated. As we grow up we lose out on that purity and just become slaves..of time , of shaman and whose not.real profound piece!Nidhi

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