Just an update…

This one is an update for an updates sake…


First of all, is it necessary to know a persons age to form an opinion about him or her? Isnt his or her mind and soul more important that the age of the body? For example I might be physically in the group of Grandpas as mentioned by Supriya, but I gel best with a group not mentioned by her… which is the toddler and tiny tots. When I was in Noida I was to regularly play with the kids in the locality… so which group I should be put in?


Neway, it doesn’t matter for me, if I am 20 or 80 as I know in my heart I am and always will be the The Child Who Was A King.


Now to make this entry a bit more meaningful, I want to mention one advert I am seeing recently. Though my update on “Bindaas Best & Really Rotten” is a week away, I couldn’t stop mentioning this one. The advert is for Times of India, and has captured the essence of the brand excellently.  From “Mirajkar dropped from the hockey team” to “Mirajkar selected…”; the old celebrating the arrival of the new generation, from heartbreak to glory – siiimply marvelous. The effort to read through the broken reading glass, the feet trying to move, and the hand and body that tries to dance, too good.


Lastly, I guess once I unpack my stuff this week, I will be able to use my Nokia 6255 to add some more of my Ganesha creation to the sketched ones put up in my album.


17 responses to “Just an update…

  1. hey hai!! nice blog an u look gr8:)..keep bloging:)regards, me..

  2. So u wont reveal ur age ??!! hey toddler brigade don\’t blog..so obviously i wont mention them!Love kids though- they are the best thing that could happen to our world.yea t.o.i ad was nice..also the SBI chotu ad..with those 2 old women going to meet their younger bro..!

  3. my frend2 likes ganesha.she carries picture wid her and whatever pictures she can get abt ganesha safely

  4. Well Supriya is after the age factor ! Little girl age is just a number, one is as old as how one feels in his spirit. This makes our Horus a tiny tot and that\’s absolutely great! Feeling like a child and enjoying life that way is a rare and precious quality.May u never outgrow it. I love Ganesha too, the sweetest God.Nidhi

  5. So how old are you mate??? or is it a closely gaurded state secret?cheersz

  6. I think maturity and not age really matters. Nokia 6255 🙂 kool !!

  7. First of all I am pretty much disgusted cause of the fact of u not willing to mention ur name?ow does it matter whether u r 20 or 80? We come here to read u notur age so if sum1 (like all of us) wish to know ur age, u might as wll be out wid it!And secondly after reading Nokia 6225,I went to google and searched d handsetNot bad a handset I mus say..!I know I sound bored…I am!So hw old r u agn? :PPPP

  8. i hate it when you have to update for update\’s sake. i hate it when you\’re forced into doing things. i haven\’t yet learned the power of saying NO. nor the best time for its use, nor handling the effects after it\’s been used.thanks for the comment.\\|/

  9. Naah Mr. Rain am not upset! Only curious =)so tell me fast 25, 35 or 45? Hahaha. kidding. Kriti is right..we need to know ur name Atleast…or else be prepared to be addressed with nicknames like Mr. rain and Mr.India n wat not (ok people come up with some nasty ones so that he reveals his name atleast.lol)

  10. Okay…I\’m here agn…First of all (AGAIN)..it was a slip of fingers and i wanted to write age not name…I dont wish to know ur name..u can happy in ur anyonymous way…And secondly…tht comment was not meant to offend..By disgusted i meant grossed out..and I personally dont think anything wrong with that! But on the other hand if u thot so then I cant help it but i\’ve already explained my case…Btw…If wat u wish to say has nothin to do with the post pls \’click there\’…Take CareAnd I dnt think one shud get so worked over things…if u wish to ignore pls do..!

  11. alright horus. won\’t bug u anymore!But u\’ll still be the rain guy, i hope thats not a prob?

  12. ROFWL…Dnt temme u tried to click on \’click here\’ !! hahahahI meant click here on my space silly ,the guestbook :P…So,am pretty sure u wer on ur walk wen god was distributin brains..! just kidding !:DDNaahh…I aint offnded,I thot u were!…Glad the confusion has cleared,\’t was makin me unconfortable..Dont really like getting annoyed or annoying ppl..!I WILL BE BACK- (Arnold style)Take careCiao! 😀

  13. conquered the god of rain??if only i had knowledge about names of Gods.acc. to kriti "varun" is the god of rains..i have no clue..so am Not guessing anymore!

  14. heyy i think u gotta add the silly TATA indicom ad to your really rotten list!I hate that ad.

  15. Of course ur gonna see me around..!!Infact even more so ow after our last tryst ;PPTake Care! and stop goig for ur wals when god is talkin to u 😛

  16. I meant going for ur walks btw…damn the cold weather is freezing my fingers!!

  17. DeGrinningGranny

    wonder why u dint elaborate on the age thing..it was an interestin topic…well i dont really think age matters at all! its the person who matters ..now 50 yr old can live a life better thn a 25 yr old..all\’s a matter of yr mind i guess!u too much into ads i suppose..wonder if u hav seen that umm.. some detergent\’s Ad.."the lil boy beats the mud to make the girl happy" lol its a cute cute AD!

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