Two little hands and a zillion watt smile

Two little hands and a zillion watt smile

Can make me work like hell and run a thousand mile


She wanted to come

She knocked at my door

My heart was about to soar

She got knocked from the floor

It was question of importance for some


 Two little hands and a zillion watt smile

Can make me work like hell and run a thousand mile


Waiting for a kiss

From the pretty lil miss

My little finger clenched in hear tiny fist

Hair spread on my shoulder like morning mist

Her squeaky call my only wish


Two little hands and a zillion watt smile

Can make me work like hell and run a thousand mile


Will she come?

Or have I missed her forever

In every girly face,

I am still searching her


Two little hands and a zillion watt smile

Can make me work like hell and run a thousand mile…


19 responses to “Two little hands and a zillion watt smile

  1. Very nicely written! :)Do not mind my asking here but is it someone you know in reality? I \’d rather have my hair short but right now im giving it a go and trying to manage long hair much below the shoulder and should admit im failing miserably and it demands too much time so it wont be long b4 i go chop it off. But i like it on others!

  2. hey yaa… that poem brought almosttt a 1000 watt smile on my face… very sweet… not overly flowing with lovey dovey emotions… just the right amount * 😉 * ya…. you\’ll find her du-uh… till then let us have the privilege of these poems…. and umm…small hands toh am not sure… can send a big smile your way.

  3. wokay! just thought it might have been a creative streak that was inspired by some random thought. Good to know its real though! have a good day 🙂

  4. Who is this pretty little miss who can make u work and run a thousand miles.Seems we all are treading Zofo\’s path..everyone is becoming so mysterious..Alfred Hitchcock where are you? Plz put all these blog mysteries to rest.That was a beautiful and sweet piece of writing..felt so good reading it.cheersicy

  5. *phew*I\’m overwhelmed…!! Its touching,,…..!!Thank-u sooooooo much for the wishes…And i loved the insghts u gave me…!!Ac/DC??? Dude thats L-O-U-D…!!! Are u sure..?psssttt….Now I no that ur a gemini..!!!lolBut seriously…ICQ…YAHoo…GOOGLE>>….EVERYTHING???Ur WONDERMAN…lol…The only thing that is left is saving the world…but i\’m sure that u\’d manage that like a breze too..! never knew rum an hot watr cud cure colds….good nuskha tho…And I\’ve alreadt tried age of mythology…wanna get rise of nations next…!!!THANKS SOO MUCH agn…Am all happy nw….!!:DDDDTake CareCiao!

  6. Ok i guess this will sound cheesy..but that was a Really sweet poem!Who is it for??! – ur wife or smthin?Lol im in xaviers…u attended coll also? i mean bhaggu ppl never attend coll and those who do are forever partyin! :)Yeah for those who passed out college days bring back fond memories don\’t they?!

  7. thanks for the comment.the poem was really really beautiful, assuming that she\’s your little kid (no offence meant if she\’s not), i think she\’s got a great daddy.\\|/

  8. i think there are lot of things that u should have mentioned in the poem..everyone is confused who it is about. but nevertheless the poem is beautiful..and it reminds me of my sweet liitle sister who is 6years old..and she is damn cute man!! i can really work like hell to make her smile ..and she makes me run a thousand mile anyway..she is my baby..she is god damn cute man..i love her a lot..

  9. Ahhh science student! alright..hey ur talking as if it was Ages back! how long ago did ya pass out?

  10. Now u can\’t be That old.! or are you..?

  11. My guess is that he\’s 24…to 50 hahahahkidding kidding! 🙂

  12. your post made me smile 🙂 beautifully drawn ganesh ji\’s…Cheers:-)

  13. u made those painting??amazing!!

  14. Oh now come on! this is not Guess the age we\’re playing here! u cud be in ur 20\’s- 30\’s..How will i know!and if ur in ur 40\’s ur dear daddy\’s age! =)

  15. ummm i never said Im giving still guessing…lolwell see it goes like this- if ur in ur 20\’s which i think u r – ur still in the young brigade..if ur in ur 30\’s ur in the uncle brigade, if ur in 40\’s ur in- daddy brigade…if ur in ur 50\’s-60\’s- ur in grandpa brigade…=)So…u can juss tell me which group ru in 😉

  16. ye…even i wait for her 🙂 but the price to get to her is excruciatingly painful…marriage 😦

  17. i came for an update 😦

  18. I echo sar-cas-tic\’s desire- an update blog on!icy

  19. i miss tiny hands on my face too

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