Joy – Adulterated

Since last couple of days I am in Bangalore (finally decided Blore to be my city, instead of Pune), and its rain. It seems every time I plan to come to B’lore, she decides to welcome me. I don’t mind… I don’t mind at all; she always brings me luck. Its “joy – unadulterated”? Or is it?


Rain, as I said, I don’t mind; it fills the air with romanticism; What I don’t like is slush, and mud and Jam. It took me 90 mins to travel the distance that usually takes 30 mins; and as a bonus I got sprayed by slush… brown dots on my moss green pants…dozed off in the Auto with Radio city bringing some relief with those wonderful rain songs.


Then, my soul traveled back 20 years. I remembered the rainy days when I was in school. It was fun, walking on the rain, jumping over the puddle (just remembered Dennis the menace – “Jumping over the puddle is always fun; you enjoy it more when you fail to clear it!”) Never minded the slush and mud, in fact used to love them. Even loved walking on waist deep water, holding the school bag on top of head, still reaching school, knowing that they will declare it a rainy day, and we will have some more fun walking back on that water… weeee! That was “Unadulterated Joy”; didn’t even mind all those garbage floating by while we pushed through the water, didn’t mind washing the uniform, after the scolding from ammi, after reaching back home. Because I knew it will be hot khichri and fried fish after that, and a peaceful afternoon nap with comics following.


Now I have office, preparing the plan for next two years, and sit for a presentation from the production team on what they want us to sell…


17 responses to “Joy – Adulterated

  1. Rain again!!I am getting many days since I came across rain. Send some my way sir!Childhood memories never leave you; they come haunting time and again.But Damn! I was such a serious child and sometimes feel that I lost out on a lot. But yes, one thing I enjoyed even then was nature in its every flavour whether it was hot summer days, winter nights or of course, monsoon or the cold winter rain.rememberingicy

  2. Hey all best. Achoo, achoo..sorry cant think of the rain now. Getting colder here and everyone catching cold 😦 You can meet up with the gang too 🙂


  4. Hey there, thank you for stopping by. I was looking through the pictures you have and some of them are so wonderful…Enjoy your stay in Bangalore..Cheers 🙂

  5. hi,how can i thank u, today i wasnt in gud mood .. and ur blog reminded me of tht golden period of school yrs…and i forgot all worries.I used to do exactly as u mentioned during rainy days ..i wud ve been happy to miss school any other day but not when the skies were pouring.. and sply for tht masti.. as mostly no teaching even if they dint declare off.really tht was Real Unadulterated Joy which still brings a smile on face n shine in eyes.thnx again for helping us all revisiting our childhood.:)

  6. well well well …..clap!! ….very well written … that too with emotions… i loved this blog… just loved it…. this blog has to be on my page as well …. cant afford tp ignore it….i like rain as well… dont like the mess created by her though… best thing abt rain is when my mom used to cook … pakoras… and something hot and fried… u rock my fren… u really do … hatts off…there is no language i know i can express how i feel abt this …u know this rain is makin me so stupid… yesterday it was raiing i took umbrella and i came to the office… and then i forgot my umrella in the office and today it was rainin again … and i had no option to come just like that .,..though gals might have had enjoyed watch me in all wet in white … lol … i know u r smilin too …lol …. i know my fren i a weirdo …saurabh …

  7. hey horus…u knowwat when i was reading n seeing the pic on my blog(egypt ones) i just remembered u………….hey nice blog today…………take care

  8. Rain reminds me of too many memories from school..once we got punished coz we splashed around in the puddles inside school….we used to pray during heavy showers ..for off days..and then subsequently cursing our princi on the way to school if school were on..Somehow i\’ve always felt uncomfortable carrying an umbrella..i just feel it\’ll fly off or i\’ll fall down!One thing that i enjoy during rains is the good old bhutta (corn) with salt and red chilli! Always associate it with rains..

  9. Hey..Happy Thanksgiving..Have a great weekend..caoavi

  10. This entry reminded of a movie by czech movie maker caled Karel Kachnya..IT was called \’jUMPING OVER THE PUDDLES AGAIN"…and twas mindblwing to say the least…Rains are refreshing.Always.They bring with them the smell of fresh earth.Which is what makes them so delectable.

  11. Welcome to namma bendakaluru!!!!rain!! Right now il give anything to have NO NO NO rain and have some warmth from the 5th to 9th. Reason – i can\’t get out of bed on a rainy , cold day let alone study at 3 in the morning…when all id like is to stay under the warmth of the quilt. But school days ahhhhh it was different. walking through puddles and water being thrown out of our shoes with every step.(squelch…is that the sound associated with it??) Also reminds me of a senior girl who told me she\’d show me a fish in the BIG puddle below the A jungle gym and when i peeped over she pushed me in.SPLOSH! ** embarrased** Gullible me!! I was in the 1st grade. Big "thank you" for the memory retention tip. I did have the habit of making those faraz notes for last min reference but with the vast portions and hardly any time left i cant make any now. I do have some on certain imp answers made by a senior, so will go through that after i read the BIG FAT TEXT. 3 subjects and im wailing here. Now that you reminded me of school n 12 or 10 subjects this seems easier! I was never made for numbers or chemicals ( maths n chemistry. Flunked pathetically in chemistry in every test, to make my teacher feel like a failure. Have a good day…PS -gota go find my maid… hope she knows how to make kichri… im very tempted now.:)

  12. Enterthespacebar

    haha .. its raining .. mud ! .. bangalore is one of the most attractive citie of india .. make most of it .. the rain must be pure too .. haha .. tc :-)!

  13. i\’ve lived in cal for 4 1/2 yrs… love that city. Cheers 🙂

  14. Yeah ur right..wasn\’t crazy about him..but he did have a streak in him. Still remember the t-shirt ripping incident at lords…so like a kolkatan to do something like 🙂

  15. hi friend….still in childhood…. i know its kinda difficult to come out from childhood… but u know what … we have to…and one more thing… PLEASE UPDATE !!!!!!!saurabh

  16. rains send me down the memory lane…bunking classes to get wet in the rain, looking wistfully if failed to escape the class(somehow usually used to be eco class when it used to start pouring), looking at some hot out of leauge guys running their fingers through wet hair, getting super soaked on the school bus as the rain slashed (harshly) through the open window, clothes stick to body(becoming embarassing at times)…. just feeling the first drop on the face and the cool breeze… rarely did I miss them… and oh! sniffing the smell of the mud witht he first few drops…wow!! I was nick named Rain goddess not just like that after all…lolz…!!Somehow even the rain here seems artificial.. doesnt make me crave to feel it like earlier times… I just see it trickle down the window pane and detest it for coming.Oh ! I miss the rains….*oops… I got carried away…Did I write Way too much*

  17. Umm quite a stubborn, strong mechanical mind u have huh! Very focused too im guessing! Yes if only i had such qualities..what were u involved in many a heated arguments?? :)So u mean to say..all of what u do has a logic, a reason..( mindless things at all??!!)Oh come on horus..i thought ur the rain guy-dreamy,imaginative and relaxed!

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