Grimm Reaper Cometh

Its funny how death changes the scenario. People wishing to go away from some people feel devastated when they lose them to grip reaper. The balance of the entire equation goes for a toss. People grapples in the dark to bring back the equilibrium.


I keep telling people to be patient and everything will be all right; and some believe that I have the power to make it all right; they think since I am telling, I have the power. But I know I am actually kidding, I am a mere mortal, and who is trapped in his own web. I can use soothing words, can lend my shoulder but cannot make things happen.


For the last four years, I have tried to give the two of them the support they deserved. I have just tried to bring back their confidence that were dormant. I have given those two sisters the belief that there is someone that cares for them as their elder brother, as their father and friend. Now thousand kilometers away, all I can give them is my voice. They have lost their mother, the person they both were so much against. But with her out of the equation they are feeling lost. I know I can not be of any other help but to lend my shoulder and voice, still they want; but I lay trapped and tied in my labyrinth. I am sure they will understand my position once they calm down a bit and able to see at the eyes of reality.


I think myself a realist; but- just thought I too would be in a similar situation one day…. It sent down a chill down my spine.

7 responses to “Grimm Reaper Cometh

  1. Do you ever have those days when you wish you could jump in a big hole, cover yourself up with dirt and disappear, only what you really want is for someone to come along and dig you out? Only no one can find you because you didn\’t tell anyone where you were going? But you figured, if they loved you, they would KNOW you were going to go bury yourself in a big hole? Because sometimes you do that just to have the satisfaction of someone caring enough to dig you out…or maybe the more perverse satisfaction of knowing no one will show up to save you.Just wondering. A.


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  3. hey u know wat i too do the same thing…when any one needs a little cheering up i always tell them all will be fine…i tell them "that is God takes u to it…he takes you through it"……n also tell them…."Life gives answers in 3 ways… says "yes" and gives u wat u want…it says "no" n gives u something better …it says "wait " n gives u the best in its own time………….isnt it true ….well take care…………..God Bless


  4. It does sound scary :(Just pray for strength and hope for everyone who feels lost coz of loss.


  5. hey, from which part of india are you?caoavi


  6. Sense of loss is a real pain…Well I wish strength to each who lost in his /her life.take careNidhi


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