Holidays are Over- Stuck with the wretched O

So my wonderful in transit vacation is over. Been to Kolkata, met all my college friends, remembered the old days, shared the present; saw those old faces, we went crazy for on those young days; found out who got married to whom, and who all already have kids. Since one of my friend is running a medical store, also came to know, who and whose parents are having what problems!!


Shopped for the annual Kalipuja on the Diwali day, fasted all day (lassi and rasgullas were allowed 😉 ), served food to nearly 100 people who gathered in the evening. Slept the whole next-day morning on mom’s lap, and went to meet my favorite professor from college. He was ecstatic. Oh, btw, also had Golgappa (we call it Phuchka) from our old phuchkawala, Joginderbhai. He still remembers my whole family and asked about everyone – amazing, after 7 long years, he still remembers.


And then I am in my new office, with plans and a wretched PC, which says “no memory”, every 15 mins (only 128MB) and with a keyboard who’s “O” needs to be stamped hard. Hope my Laptop comes fast, or I will actually throw this off.



10 responses to “Holidays are Over- Stuck with the wretched O

  1. Hi….thts a wonderful space u have ! Ur blog layout is similar to mine too. N some of ur thoughts do match mine….Neways, take care…will return to this space to follow it. C ya.


  2. hello Horus welcome back to the pavillion!Happy that you enjoyed ur holidays and Roshgolla.Stay connectedcheersicyP.S. BTW we had rain here….did you get to meet them?


  3. I thought you shifted to Bangalore.. or maybe I am confused.. anyways going home and sleeping in the maters lap is always a good thing to do… and so is eating Golgappascheersz


  4. well a nice vacation u had……kip in touch


  5. awww…i\’m back at work too…this sux man…dnt feel like workin no more…bt i guess thts wht everyone feels abt there job…cheerz man..


  6. wow wow…laptop 🙂 And seems u really enjoyed and hogged over the I was busy with something. Will mail u about it :)But now back on the blogging scene. How are things with u?


  7. awww…sad tht ur holidays r over…well thnx fr droppin by…hold the spirits up high…keep comin around…cheerz xxx


  8. Phuchkas!!! thats the first thing that comes to my mind if calcutta is mentioned! 2nd being mishti doi though the KC das one isnt good. The road side sweet shops have better ones in my opinion. Nothing like sleeping on mom\’s lap… but mine lets me rarely.


  9. hey my phuchkawala is also joginder bhai .kon para tomar?


  10. nice to see you had fun! 🙂 ah, i remember those days in India.. anyways..


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