Au Revoir Delhi

So the D-day is here. Everything packed and sent. Ready to fly off tomorrow. Maybe I will be back to live in the city, may be not. But I can never forget the city.


In this city, I am leaving two things very close to my heart. One was with me for 7 years and the second for 15. Leaving both of them were painful; the first one pained for nearly a year, the second one still pains. The first one was just under the skin near my heart, the second one was deep inside. Lost the first one on the operating theatre in front of 6 specialist, the second one at home in front of friends and near ones. The first one was 3 inches x 3 inches; the second one was 5 feet 2 inches.


I didn’t love the first one so much; and there was nothing I loved more than the second one. The first one was the benign abscess named Hemangioma that sat on my chest and kept on growing.


The second one was my love, my wife, with whom I spent 10 years before marriage and 5 years after.

4 responses to “Au Revoir Delhi

  1. hey have a blast in Bangalore… Losing someone you love and then trying to forget never works.cheersz


  2. Hey Mate Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year 2062cheersz


  3. There is no comparison between three months and 15 years… don\’t even try it…sorry for your loss… only the second one.


  4. hmmmm.bujhlam.


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