The Journey of Life

Why do we keep on pursuing happiness? Some even get bored with happiness? Do we actually try to find the truth?


Happiness is not something we can run after. Its always the end result; its always there. We can not be anything else but being happy. Some seek sorrow, why? Because it makes them happy. Some leave the cozy corner of the room and dive into the uncertainties of wild adventures – why? The end result – happiness.


Darkness is dark because it doesn’t have light; which means there is light somewhere! Black is black, because its not white. Doesn’t all these means that if there is sorrow, it means there is happiness too? Its already there. Once we accept this, we know that we are in a state happiness. Knowledge is power; as then we no longer focus on the goal, which is happiness but the excitement of the journey, the romance of the experience of reaching there. The end is known, inevitable. But the path is not – this path is what our life is.


4 responses to “The Journey of Life

  1. hmmm does sound a bit convincing but still im gettin second thoughts to it quite a practical approach mate but just ta bit hard to comprehend~~~


  2. hehe Horus , this is another Gemini here! Yes I seek romanticism in my life but I cant stick to one emotion even if it is happiness \’coz it stops inspiring me. It saturates me after a while then a new emotion takes birth and then again I am on road to recovery. The cycle of life goes on this way for me. SO rainmate now its a long wait for the rains to come our way– yes it rains some in winters. I m already looking forward to them.take care and visit often.icy


  3. I read a forward recently that said we always wait for a certain thing to make us happy. Once graduate, I shall be happy. Once married, I shall be happy. Once dead, I shall be happy. Happiness is a journey rather than end result. And somehow I seem to agree. It is our choice to be happy, no matter what.


  4. Why does the journey have to be on a linear path? Time is not- neither is life. We move on circles; we end on the same place where we start from. The state of happyness is thus both the start as well as the end. And we have a choice to select the path we take but not the goal we reach, as all roads leads to our destinity. That is exactly why I think we should enjoy the journey, without worrying about the goal.And Nidhi, rain comes when they love to! they come to bless you. We can not bring her, much like like love – it will come when it wants. If its yours… set it free, it will come back; if its not your no point in holding it back!!


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