Life is a risk !!

Life is a risk; we live the risk every day, every passing moment. Some take is with caution, some with worry. I take it as adventure. Never think after you decide, I say; and I follow. Never nurture a grudge, I say, and I follow. Never be shy to take calculated risk, I say and I follow.


But I know there are also some things that I say but fail to follow. I say not to expect nething from life, I try but Fail sometimes. But I take risks, everyday, every now and then. I know I might fail, but what the heck. Failed so many times. My proff. Said, “no failure is failure if you learn something from it.” I use it to its core. I fail, to enjoy the pain. I fail to get up and run again. I know there is a reason why I am born. Need to find and fulfill it.


No pain no gain, we say. Gain I seek, pain I love. I gain some, but is it the gain I sought? In my college days, I used to wish, if only I could have been like so many others, who are popular. If only I could be so important. Always dreamt for that fame, importance and attraction, only to find later that I was. I was indeed important. Got tempted to regret, I didn’t. Instead kept on trying.


Became important to one, losing many, only to find I failed. Was tempted again, to regret, I didn’t. Have tried to be someone for so many. Still keep trying, trying to make some difference to some peoples life. I think I have made that. I am important for so many, in someway or other. Some say, some don’t. Some use words, some their emotions, to tell me how they will be if I am not there. But is this what wanted. I never wanted to make people dependent. I wanted to make a difference, wanted them to be happy, but not being dependent on me in return. Will I make them go back to their original state? Will I fail again?


It’s a risk, but I should move on. I have to do, what I have to do. I just hope that I have the power and courage. Till the time the rains fall, till the time the clouds give me shade, I will move on.




One response to “Life is a risk !!

  1. hey HorusThanx for dropping my blog..Well rains enchant me like nothing else, infact any phenomena of nature simply turns me on….Your blog is good , well each shud be independent, loved the last line till the time rain falls…….nice one.take care & do keep loving nature forever


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