To hell with them !!

Characters – they are funny. No matter how much you try helping them, no matter how much you try proving that you care, they will abandon you and stab your back in the first chance they get. Why the hell they don’t care, why don’t they care that I care.


I know I say expectations are bad and I expected again. But …


I don’t know why they stab their own feet. I can see it, I could have told them also, but only if they wanted to listen. I know they will fall flat on their face, but I cant help them, coz they don’t want it.


Characters in their bid to go up, try to dump the same people from whom they seek assitance, may be a few days back. Anyway, its my fault I expected ! To hell with them and all those who don’t want me. Time has shown me, that I am rarely wrong in judgment of situations. And I also know people who abandoned me or I abandoned them, have fallen; I also know that I might be tempted to help them – but I wont!!


To hell with those who don’t want me, I have my own life and all those who want me..




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