She Came !!

She came; she came yesterday! With all her beauty, love and elegance, she came. She came and caressed me all over; assuring that everything will turn out fine. She came with the blessings. The sweet tune of her dancing feet mesmerizing me; with the crest and fall of the music she danced.


She covered me with all her love, she kissed me all over with every falling drops. The wind swept her muslin hair across my face as I felt her fragrance. She took away my heat and tiredness, keeping only the warmth in my heart. My love came dancing from the sky with the smiles lighting the entire skyline, tearing it from one end to another. Drenched in the rain I stood still feeling the drops slipping down my body.


I knew she will come, I knew she cannot ignore my wandering thoughts. She came and assured me that all is well. With her beside me I once again set on my journey to take on the world as it comes, to glory and goal of peace.

2 responses to “She Came !!

  1. very well written i must say 🙂 and yea pple advice me too much..wch i dn really enjoy. advice is taken from a certain few who leave comments..and dats what keeps me going. as i said..i dn need love rght now..i want some peace..wen (i thought) i was "in love" i felt alone…u never feel alone in love do you?and thanks for the comment..muchly appreciated.take care :)A.


  2. well if my wandering thoughts could conjure her up everytime I cast thier net, I would be happy… alas, it is wishing for something which is impossible, but then I have always had impossible desirescheersz


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