Angels and God

It happens to so many of us, so often! Most of us do not even register them, it passes off like a trailing sound f a passing vehicle. Moving on the road, standing at a bus stop, while bargaining in the market, our senses catches up a sobbing sound, a tearful face, couple of a forlorn eyes; but does those senses register them. For most of us they don’t. But for some of us, they stop the time. And it happened thrice for me on the last Saturday!


I was coming back after meeting my virtually adopted sister cum daughter, feeling happy that I have made some difference to someone’s life, feeling like doing that most important thing in my life. And there was the reality check! There are still so many needing souls!


Does the Boss upstairs register these? Or does is it slip God’s attention too? Is it that there are too many of them for him to lose count? Or is it his way of making our actions count? At times I feel its what he wants. As all that we do is pre-determined. But then I feel, didn’t Boss has those angels to help him? What do he need help? Is it because its too difficult for one to handle? Isn’t it possible that his script also go wrong somewhere? Does he need the angels to take care of those faults in his script?


I know, most of what looks like is not so in reality. But the sobs of the girl at the bus-stop is not going away. Why did she complain? Why did she become so sad, when she said that she was so happy! Why does the face waiting alone at evening bus stop so forlorn? Why was the child looking so longingly at the corn vendor?


Can’t Boss appoint a few more angels? Can’t Boss appoint some of us, the power to put a few more smiles? Has he given those powers? Do we have the miracles in us? There is so much I want to do, and feel helpless! If only there was a bit more in my control. Why cant I wipe a few more tears. Why I am so restricted!


Hey Boss !! Are you Listening!!

2 responses to “Angels and God

  1. how can you be so convinced that there is a god?


  2. convinced?Are you convinced that you have a BOSS (if you work)?ORAre you convinced that you have a teacher (if u r a student)?ORAre you convinced that you have a mother (if u r none of the above)?if you are than I am also convinced….I talk to her everyday! She listens to be… scolds me… gives me whatever I want for others…But …. never what I want !! So selfish of her… just like a true BOSS!! 😀


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