The only thing constant in life is change. People change, surroundings change, situations change and time changes. May be the last one is the reason itself for all the changes happening. The forth dimention as of now is unidirectional, and as we move in that dimension it forces the changes.
And also whatever happens happens for good. At least I have felt that way always. Its the perspective that counts. The two sides of a coin. If you want to see the negative side nothing will come across as good. On the other hand, if you decide to stick to the positive side, there is nothing that can go wrong. You will find that everything happening is actually helping you, either in the short run or on the long run.
I know all these, still when it comes to me, I feel that wobble on the feet. The butterfly in the stomach for the unknown. I guess its only human to feel so – the fear of change – the inertia. I just have faith on the Boss – the one sitting on top of everyone, and go ahead doing what I am supposed to do. If he is asking me to do something I have to do it. And hope – hope, not expect, that everything will be fine. Or I need to make it work out fine.

One response to “Change

  1. Each time I think of change…I think if it is submission to the fact that we have no control. Control to stop any change. But being positive, I think the best to think is that change might be good. Might be…hmmm


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