Relationships – A crazy topic to start with

It is a touchy subject, more so because it touches the softest parts of your body – the heart and soul. It amazing how people get hurt so easily, yet few learn. They get hurt again and again and again – and blame everyone but himself or herself. Is that they don’t want to learn and love to get hurt? Or is it that they want to hurt whom they love?


Expectation is another vice that elders always warned you about. Time and again they keep on reminding you – don’t expect! Do what you should – and leave the rest on the Boss. But can we? Are we strong enough to control the urge to expect? Most of us succumb and then keep on expecting till we are bag full of unfulfilled expectations; some of them we know can never be fulfilled, yet we keep on expecting. You may argue how can we live without expectations. The problem is we think expectations and hopes are same. Its hope that helps us live. It’s the expectations that make life miserable. Usually expectations are viewed as something non-negotiable, something that we see as our right in return of some other thing we have given. It is seen as something that we feel is fair that we get it. However in case of hopes we only dream but do not have any demands in mind.


Expectations – it is what ruins relationships. When we know it’s our hopes that make us live, we go on creating our mountain of expectations. And one day the relationship gets crushed under the mountain of expectations.


Hope that you will get someone who understands. Hope that someone will love you as much as you love that someone. Hope that you will get the cozy night under the blanket – together. Hope that you will share the cup of tea in the drizzling lazy afternoon. Hope that you will cook and eat together. Hope that someone’s fresh fragrance will wake you up in the morning. Hopes – that’s what make you live.

3 responses to “Relationships – A crazy topic to start with

  1. so did u get ? or are u still hoping . ……and making narus cos she liked them.


  2. umeed se duniya kayam hai.. the hope that things will not be that bad ever and the feeling of uncertainty is in a way goOd. 🙂


  3. Truely said, mayb tats why ur d big bro


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